SAP HANA connection in Power BI Desktop

  • Open Power BI Desktop and click on Get Data

  • Select “SAP HANA database” and click “connect”

  • If HANA database driver not install you will get message as below

  • Download driver from “SAP Software Download Center” and install
  • Unzip “hdb_client_windows”

  • Run “hdbsetup.exe”

  • Set the installation path and click “Next”

  • Review and click “Install”

  • Installation in Progress

  • Installation finished successfully

  • Now try again.
  • Driver is install. Now system will prompt for Hana server IP and Port

  • Enter Database user name & password and Click “Connect”

  • Connected and display the content if any. In my case, I do not have any.

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How to Install and configure Power BI On-Premises data Gateway?

  • First you have to download PowerBIGatewayInstaller.exe
  • Use below link to download
  • Double click on PowerBIGatewayInstaller.exe and follow the instructions

  • Select the recommended option and click “Next”

  • Wait while installation.

  • Just read the important message and click “Next”

  • Change the default installation location here if you want to change
  • Accept the terms and privacy statement and Click “Install”

  • Wait… Installation will take some time

  • You will see message “Installation was successful”
  • Now enter your power BI email address to “Sign In”

  • You will receive popup to enter the password.

  • Once sign in enter gateway name, recovery password and click “Configure”

  • You will receive message “The gateway adilgateway is online and ready to be used”

  • Now login to your Power BI workspace.
  • Click on “Settings” à “Manage gateways”

  • Congratulations. Gateway is showing online.

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How to connect SQL Server to SAP HANA 2 Express edition?

  • First you have to download hdb_client_windows 64 bit setup from SAP download site

    And install.

  • Now create ODBC connection
  • Go to Administrative Tools and click on “Data Sources (ODBC)”

  • Go to “System DSN” Tab

  • Click Add, Select HDBODBC as below and click finish

  • Fill all the required information and click Connect

    Here very important to know the port no. for that login to

    SAP HANA Studio and connect to HANA SYSTEM.

  • Right click on connection and click on properties

  • Go to “Hosts Used to connect”

  • Enter user and password. Press OK

  • You will receive success message if connection success

  • Now press OK to complete ODBC configuration.

  • Your Data Source name will show as below

  • Now Configure Linked Server in MS SQL Server
  • Open SQL Server Management Studio

  • Now Execute below Script to create and configure Linked Server

  • Refresh Linked Server

  • Test connection

  • Now run below SQL to get data from SAP HANA table

    from [hxehost]..“DEMO”.“Shop_facts”

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Add System to SAP HANA 2 Express using Eclipse LUNA

  • Open Eclipse LUNA and make sure SAP HANA Studio plugins is install
  • If SAP HANA Studio plugins is not install follow below link to install


  • Move to SAP HANA Modeler
  • Click on “Add System Menu” and select



  • Enter Host name, Instance Number, select option “System database” and click “Next”


  • Enter User Name, Password and click “Next”



  • Click “Finish”


  • Connection successful.





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How to move SSRS reports from one server to another and Assign Data source through SQL script

  1. First follow below link to download SSRS reports

  2. Now download SSRSBuddy tool form

  3. Run the exe with admin privilege. Enter valid Report server URL and select Data Source and Folder

    Also, browse and select reports to upload. Once finish click deploy.

  4. Now check selected reports will appear

  5. When you upload the report by default Data Source will not assign
  6. In my case I had 150+ reports to assign Data source
  7. It is easy to update Data Source by using SQL script
  8. First Run below SQL to find the DS ItemID
  9. Select * from DBO.DataSources DS JOIN DBO.Catalog C on C.ItemID = DS.ItemID

  10. Below is the SQL script to update single as well as bulk update of datasource.

  11. Go and check report data Source.

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Create and Configure App Static Tiles

  • From the Fiori Configuration Cockpit of the Demo site, click Apps
  • Click + (plus) to add new Apps

  • In the Properties tab, click the App Resources

  • Select the App and click “OK”

  • Enter proper values

  • Click on the + icon to assign the app to the Demo Catalog

  • Select “Demo Catalog” from list and click “OK”

  • Same way select appropriate group

  • Select “Demo Group ” and Click “OK”

  • Under Visualization enter proper data and click “Save”

  • Click on preview

  • Preview is available

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  • Go to SAP Cloud Platform trial account cockpit
  • Click Services and Select “User Experience”

  • Click the Portal tile
  • Click on “Configure Portal”

  • Select “Site Directory”

  • Click on “+” sign to create new site

  • Enter Site name, select “SAP Fiori Launchpad” and click “Create”

  • From the Fiori Configuration Cockpit of the Demo site, click Catalogs

  • On the footer, click the + (plus) icon to create a new catalog

  • Under “Properties” enter Category Name and ID

  • Under Roles assign roles

  • Select the Roles form the list and click “OK”

  • Click “Save”

  • Catalog created and available

  • Define App Groups
  • From the Fiori Configuration Cockpit of the Demo site, click Groups

  • On the footer, click the + (plus) icon to create a new group

  • Under “properties” enter Group Name and ID

  • Under “Roles” assign roles by click “+” (plus)

  • Select the role from list and click “OK”

  • Now click “Save”

  • New Group created and save successfully

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