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Refresh BI Data through MDX Query

1. To refresh the BI data you need to create a job & schedule accordingly 2. Go to SQL Server Agent –> Jobs –> Right Click & Select “New Job…” 3. Fill the information for each Page. Below is for

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Add System to SAP HANA Studio 1.0.47

1. This Demo is base on SAP HANA Studio 1.0.47 2. Double click on “HANA Studio” short cut. SAP HANA Studio will open. Right Click to “Add System”: 3. Enter information that you received through invitation email 4. Enter User

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Connect SAP BI Cube to Business Object Universe Designer

1. Open the Business Objects Designer 2. Enter information as below  3. Create New Universe 4. Enter the Name & Click “New…” 5. Connection Wizard will start. Click “Next >” 6. Enter Connection Name & Select “SAP Client”. Click “Next

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Add Role/Security to SQL BI Cube

Please read my Post “SQL BI Demo with sample data” 1. Select Role, Right Click & Select “New Role” 2. Select Permission base on your requirement. for users only select “Read Definition” 3. Go to “Membership” Tab & assign

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Connect and Explore Cube through Excel

Please read my previous post SQL BI Demo with sample data 1. Open Excel –> Data –> From Other Sources –> From Analysis Services 2. Enter information i.e. Server Name, Log on credentials. Click “Next >” 3. If your

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SQL BI Demo with sample data

For this demo i am using SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services. 1. Open BIDS 2. Create New project 3. Select “Analysis Service Project” & Fill Project Name, Location and Solution Name etc and Press “OK“   4. BIDS Development Studio

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Error: Server ServerName:6400 not found or Server may be down (FWM 01003)

Many times i received error message as below “Error: Server ServerName:6400 not found or Server may be down (FWM 01003)”   Now the question is how to solve? 1. Go to “Central Configuration Manager” and Check “Server Intelligence Agent” is

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