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Your security profile does not include permission to refresh or refreshing data: c3_core_error_en_504

I developed Web Intelligence reports but face security issue in order to get the data based on logged in user. With Administrator user I was able to see all records but when I test the report with different user I

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Create Universe using Information Design Tool (IDT)

Open Information Design Tool Create New Project Enter Project Name. You can also change the location of file location. Click Finish. You empty project is created. Right Click on the project -> New -> Relational Connection Enter Resource name and

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Loading Data to Master Data/Text Table through Flat File

In this article I will discuss the procedure of creating master data/text and upload data. I have just started to learn SAP BI & this is my first post for SAP BI but I will try to cover all the

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Using a simple data model, we will learn the basic steps on how to model data and then consume the data in MS Excel. Create Attribute View: 1. Open SAP HANA Studio 2. Make sure you are in “Modeler” perspective.

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Creating Schema (SAP HANA Studio 1.0.47)

1. Open SAP HANA Studio 2. Go to SQL Editor 3. Wrtie SQL Query to create new table 4. Execute   or 2. Right click on your catalog & Select “New Table” 3. Enter Table Name & Enter columns as below

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Importing Data using CTL Method (SAP HANA 1.0.47)

1. Open SAP Hana Studio 2. Create Table 3. Prepare the data & save it to CSV format. 4. Now  Create file with “ctl” extension with following syntax 5. Transfer “ctl” file to the FTP site   6. Execute

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