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Performance Tuning of SAP BI CUBE:

OLAP CACHE Use TCODE: RSRT Search for Query. New Window will open, Click on “Favorites” Select Query and Click “OK” Click on “Properties” Make sure Cache Mode enable. Also, based on requirement choose setting from 1 to 4. BI ACCELERATOR

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Lock/Unlock TCODE in R/3 or ECC 6

Login to R/3 or ECC system Use TCODE: SM01 Suppose we want to lock VA01 Search TCODE: VA01 Lock VA01 by placing the cursor on TCODE VA01 and click on “Lock/Unlock” TCODE VA01 locked as shown below Now Execute TCODE

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Webi Report filter disabled in BI Launch pad

Issue: I developed simple webi report and published to the public folder. User has “View on demand” permission but when I run that report I found that report filter become disabled. Task: How to enable Report filter for “View on

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Calculate Last Year (WTD, MTD & YTD) based on Adventure Works DW 2008 R2

Prerequisites: Download Adventure Works Databases – 2012, 2008R2 and 2008 (in my case I used 2008 R2) Download AdventureWorksDW2008R2 cube for SSAS 2008 R2 Changes: After implementation of Last Year (WTD, MTD & YTD) when verifying the data

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