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Develop “Hello World” using SAP HANA XS Application

Login to SAP HANA Cloud platform cockpit Click on “HANA Instances” Click on “SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench”   Under Content Create Package   Create Packages as below   Now Create 3 Files Create “.xsapp” (Blank file) and Save  

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SAP HANA Cloud – Connecting to schema using command line tool

Go to folder where SDK install (C:\Program Files\SAP\hcpsdk\tools) Using command prompt execute following neo open-db-tunnel -i [SCHEMANAME] -a [YOURUSERNAME]trial -h -u [YOURUSERNAME] neo open-db-tunnel -i dev -a p123456trial -h -u p123456 [Note: SCHEMA name is case sensitive] Once

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Add SAP HANA cloud platform System (SAP HANA Development Perspective)

Under system click “Add Cloud System…”   Enter following information and Press “Next” Account Name: [user name]trial i.e. p123456trial User Name: [user name] i.e. p123456 Password: ******* Select instance and press “Finish”   Cloud System Added successfully

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