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SAP BusinessObjects Cloud: Create Story

First you have to create model. Please follow my previous blog Create Story Choose Select dataset that we created in last exercise Add Dimensions and set the title of the report Added 3 Dimensions Below result for selected State,

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SAP BusinessObjects Cloud: Create Model using excel sheet

Login to SAP BusinessObjects Cloud Use create Model option   Click on “Import a file form your computer” File selection windows will open Click on “Select Source File”   Select the file and click “Import”   Loading data   File

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Develop Webi report using multiple source

I received a query from one of my follower “How to develop Webi report using DB2 and Text file” Here I am going to show Webi report using Universe and the second source as Text file. First design Webi Report

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SAP Dashboard Samples

Sales By Region in different charts selection When click on “Bar Chart” chart type Source Data 2. Sales of Products by Region Source Data  

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SAP BO 4.1 Dashboard Designer Fail to connect to BI platform

Issue: When I tried to connect to BI system through Dashboard designer received error message and suggested to follow SAP note 1668437   Solution: Login to the CMC Application Web Service Double Click or Right Click and Click on “Properties”

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Create Universe using Information Design Tool (IDT)

Open Information Design Tool     Create New Project   Enter Project Name. You can also change the location of file location. Click Finish.   Your empty project is created.   Right Click on the project -> New -> Relational

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Getting Partial Result in Business Objects Web Intelligence Report

Issue: getting partial result in Business Objects Web Intelligence Report. Solution: Edit Data Security Profile define for the universe     GO to Control Tab & uncheck “Limit size of result set to” option     After click on “OK”

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