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Hadoop: How many people belong to each state, using PIG?

Follow my previous article to move sample data file to HDFS Start pig Grunt Execute blow Statement Advertisements

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How to Install Eclipsec

Download Eclipsec IDE for JAVA from depend on your requirement. In my case I downloaded windows 64Bit “Eclipsec IDE for JAVA Developers” Extract the downloaded package and put it under “D:\EclipseForJava” Double click on “eclipsec” application to open the

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Hadoop: How many people belong to each state, using HIVE?

Prepare sample file Move sample file to Hadoop server Create the users directory on HDFS by using the following command Directory created on HDFS Now move local file to HDFS directory by using below command hadoop fs -copyFromLocal ‘/home/cloudera/Adil/Hive/People.txt’ ‘/user/cloudera/People/’

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Connection Profile Using Teradata Studio

Open Tedadata Studio Express Create new Data Connection Select Teradata Database, Enter Name and Press <Next> Enter Required information and Test connection Database server name: TD-EXPRESS User Name: dbc Password: dbc If all the information correct, you will receive success

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Configure PDF search in SharePoint 2010

Download and install Adobe PDF iFilter 9 from Adobe Site @ Download Adobe PDF file icon from Adobe Site @ Save PDF icon to the location on server “\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\IMAGES\” Open docIcon.xml file from

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Master Pages option missing under “Look and Feel”

i was trying to implement SharePoint 2010 theme & feel that the atricle which i was reading having different feature than i have. i investiagted and found the solution. here i am going to share the solution how to activate

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How to Add a New Column to a List in SharePoint 2010

With just a few simple steps, you can have your new column in place and be ready to start adding data.  Here’s how, step by step: Navigate to the list you are looking to modify. At the top of your

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