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HIVE: Create table with data from 2 different tables

Scenario: In Cloudera default data base 2 table exist with sample data. Now to populate another table in different database after combining data from 2 tables Solution: Use below statements to see the tables under default database. Now we have

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Import MySQL data to HDFS through Sqoop

Create Database in MySQL [Database: adil] Create Table in MySQL Database [Table: employees] Insert some data Now try to import data from MySQL by using below command sqoop import –connect jdbc:mysql:// –username admin –password *********** –table employees -m 1 Successful

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How to Install Sqoop

Download latest Sqoop connector (ZIP file) from Apache site and Extract Now connect through FTP Create folder “sqoop” under “use/lib” and copy jar files to lib folder of Now move to sqoop folder Copy all files to sqoop folder

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Installation and Configuration of JetBrains IDE’s for mongoDB

Download JetBrains IDE Run EXE and Install Setup Run “IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 15.0.3” Make sure “Mongo Plugin” install correctly. If not search and Install. Now Define the path of mongo executable and test. Now add Mongo Server and

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Install MongoDB on Windows 7 64bit

Download MongoDB Note: For Windows 7 64bit install Hot Fix from Microsoft before install MongoDB Run below code to install setup in background, in specific location and All Features msiexec.exe /q /i mongodb-win32-x86_64-2008plus-ssl-3.2.1-signed.msi ^ INSTALLLOCATION=”D:\mongodb” ^ ADDLOCAL=”all” Create

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Hadoop: How many people belong to each state, using Hue (Hive, PIG and Impala)

Login to Hue site Upload sample file to HDFS using File Browser Create folder using New à Directory option. I created “people” folder Now upload sample file to HDFS by using upload option. Select File File is uploaded to HDFS

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Hadoop: How many people belong to each state, using PIG?

Follow my previous article to move sample data file to HDFS Start pig Grunt Execute blow Statement

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